Name Title Areas of Interest
Baker, Gary Academic Professional, Dept. of Romance Languages

Phonetics, Phonology, Romance languages

Bhattacharya, Usree Assistant Professor, Dept. of Language and Literacy Education

Language and literacy socialization, Language ideology, Language policy

Blackwell, Sarah Professor

Pragmatics, Semantics, Discourse analysis, Cognitive and functional linguistics, Hispanic linguistics

Bousquette, Joshua Associate Professor

Sociolinguistics, Heritage language communities, Historical linguistics, Germanic languages 

Chamorro Fernández, Pilar Assistant Professor

Semantics, Pragmatics, Romance languages, Tenetehára

Chen, Liang Associate Professor, Dept. of Communication Sciences and Special Education

Language acquisition, Bilingualism

Evans, Jonathan Professor, Graduate Coordinator

Old English, Old Norse, the works of Tolkien

Farmer, Kelly Academic Professional, Dept. of Romance Languages

Sociolinguistics, French applied linguistics, Second language acquisition and foreign language pedagogy, Language variation and change

Forrest, Jon Assistant Professor

Sociolinguistics, Language Variation and Change, Southern US Englishes, African American Language, Phonetics, Phonology

Friedman, Richard Ann and Jay Davis Professor of Jewish Studies, Dept. of Religion

Historical Semitic linguistics and philology

Gupton, Tim Associate Professor, Dept. of Romance Languages

Syntax, Second language acquisition, Romance languages

Hale, John Arch Professor of World Languages

Computational linguistics, Cognitive science

Halpern, B Covenant Foundation Professor of Jewish Studies, Dept. of Religion, Center for Archaeological Science

Historical Semitic linguistics and philology.  Diffusion models.  

Literary representation of oral and stylistic registers (key, tone, modals).   

Harklau, Linda Professor, Dept. of Language and Literacy Education

Second language acquisition in adolescents and adults, Literacy and academic instruction for language minority students, Role of culture and identity in second language learning, Qualitative research methods in SLA

Harman, Ruth Associate Professor, Dept. of Language and Literacy Education

Critical discourse analysis, Systemic functional linguistics

Hasko, Victoria Associate Professor, Dept. of Language and Literacy Education

Second/foreign language acquisition and instructed learning, Computer-assisted language learning and teaching, Language and cognition, Learner corpus analysis.

Howe, Chad Associate Professor

Some Current Projects:

  1. Grammaticalization and language change in Romance Languages
  2. Language variation and change in social media
  3. Incipient Language Shift in a Southern Latino Community
  4. Indigenous Languages in Latin America: Contact, Shift, and Maintenance
Kim, Mi-Ran Senior Lecturer

Phonetics, Korean

Klein, Jared Distinguished Research Professor

Historical linguistics, Indo-European syntax and discourse structure

Kretzschmar, William Willson Professor in Humanities, Dept. of English, Fellow, Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Language variation, Corpus linguistics, American English

Langston, Keith Professor and Department Head, Undergraduate Coordinator

Slavic prosody and the phonology/morphology interface; historical Slavic linguistics and accentology; and sociolinguistics, with a focus on questions of language and identity and language contact in the former Yugoslavia.

Lee-Schoenfeld, Vera Associate Professor

Syntax, Language acquisition, Germanic languages

Lubbers Quesada, Margaret Professor

Language acquisition, Historical linguistics, Hispanic linguistics

Mellom, Paula Associate Research Scientist, Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education

Second language acquisition, Discourse analysis

Moshi, Lioba University Professor Emerita
Ojo, Akinloye Associate Professor, Dept. of Comparative Literature

Yoruba language and linguistics, Applied linguistics and language teaching, Language, culture and society

Ranson, Diana Professor, Dept. of Romance Languages

Language variation and change, Romance languages

Renwick, Margaret Assistant Professor

Phonetics, Phonology, Laboratory Phonology, Speech Acoustics, Romance Languages, English

Sager, Alexander Associate Professor, Dept. of Germanic & Slavic Studies

Middle High German, Historical Germanic linguistics

Schwanenflugel, Paula Professor, Emerita
Thomason, Olga Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Germanic & Slavic Studies

Historical Indo-European linguistics, Prepositional semantics, Slavic linguistics and folklore, Acquisition of Russian by foreign and heritage language learners

Wenthe, Mark Instructor

Historical Indo-European linguistics, Syntax