Courses offered at UGA that are not cross-listed with LING and that are not taught by a UGA Linguistics faculty member cannot normally be used to satisfy major or minor requirements. Exceptions may be granted only under extraordinary circumstances. If you would like to petition the Undergraduate Coordinator (Dr. Keith Langston) for the substitution of a non-LING course, you must provide a copy of the course syllabus and a justification for the request, including a letter of support from the faculty member teaching the course (an e-mail is acceptable). You should explain clearly how the content of the course relates to linguistics; if you can show that this particular course will help you meet your specific goals for an intended graduate program of study or your future career, and that there are no similar courses offered by the Department of Linguistics, that will increase the chances of approval. However, such course substitutions are made solely at the discretion of the Department of Linguistics.

If you took a cross-listed LING course under the other associated prefix, then this course can still be used to satisfy the Linguistics major or minor requirements.

For information about transfer credit (including courses taken on non-UGA study abroad programs), go to Information for Transfer Students.

For other questions about course substitutions, please contact Dr. Keith Langston.