Please give a copy of all forms to the Linguistics Office Manager for routing to the Graduate School. Remember to be advised every semester using the Linguistics Graduate Student Advisement Form until you complete your Final Program of Study Form.

Second semester

  • Decide on and invite three faculty members to be part of your MA non-thesis committee. An advisory committee form should be completed; however, the form will not be submitted to the Graduate School. Committees for non-thesis students are a matter of in-house record only.

Third semester

Fourth semester

If you have not been following the guidelines above, the Graduate School's Deadline Schedule now takes precedence.

  • Complete the Application for Graduation on Athena by the second week of the semester. All forms except the final examination form must be turned in by this time. Ensure that the Linguistics Office Manager has an up-to-date record of your advisory committee.

  • Schedule your comprehensive examination with your committee. You should agree on a date for your written exam and a tentative date for the oral exam no later than October 1 for Fall semester graduates and March 1 for Spring and Summer semester graduates. Both written and oral portions should be scheduled at once; the oral portion may be rescheduled later as needed.

  • Complete the MA Non-Thesis Comprehensive Exam form, where your committee grades your performance on your comprehensive examination.

Updated: 7/27/2017