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MA (Thesis) Requirements

Graduate School Requirements

Students must fulfill all requirements of the Graduate School for the M.A. degree, including the residence requirement and time limits, as well as the departmental requirements below.

Research skills requirement

M.A. students must achieve one research skill. Courses taken to satisfy this requirement cannot be counted among the courses on the student's Program of Study if they are undergraduate courses.


You are required to earn at least 33 hours of credit as outlined below. You may waive any particular course requirement if you have had an equivalent course at another university. You must take additional elective courses to replace any courses that would have satisfied any waived requirements. Students should take all required courses listed in (a)-(e) above during the first year of study, if possible.

Required courses:

(a)  LING 8100 Proseminar (1 hour, S/U, offered Fall semester only)

(b)  LING 6021 Phonetics & Phonology

(c)  LING 8150 Generative Syntax

(d)  One of the following courses (formal linguistic theory):

•  LING 6022 Advanced Phonetics & Phonology
•  LING 6160 Compositional Semantics
•  LING 8120 Morphology
•  LING 8160 Advanced Generative Syntax
•  LING 8170 Seminar in Syntax/Semantics
•  LING 8180 Seminar in Phonetics/Phonology

(e)  One of the following courses (language acquisition, variation, and change):

•  LING 6170 Second Language Acquisition
•  LING 6690 Historical Linguistics
•  LING 6710 Languages in Contact
•  LING 6860 Sociolinguistics

(f)  LING 8101 Linguistics Colloquium (2 hours, S/U, offered Spring semester only)

(g)  LING 7300 Master’s Thesis (3 hours)

Elective courses

5 elective graduate courses (15 hours, excluding LING7000 and LING7300). A maximum of 6 hours of LING9010 Directed Readings may be included. Relevant graduate courses that do not carry a LING prefix may be included in your program of study with approval of the Graduate Coordinator and your Major Professor.

Primary and secondary areas of concentration

The program of study must include at least three courses (9 hours) in a primary area of concentration and two courses (6 hours) in a secondary area of concentration, to be determined in consultation with your Major Professor and the Graduate Coordinator. The areas of concentration may include any courses included in (b)-(e) of the list above, as well as elective courses and LING9010 Directed Readings.


The program of study must include at least 12 hours of courses open only to graduate students excluding LING7000 Master's Research and LING7300 Master's Thesis.

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